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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to settle into summer

What a whirlwind life has been here lately! I've been gone two weekends in a row with only a few hectic days in between at home. The end of May I traveled to north Alabama with my daughter, son-in-law, grandson (pictured on the left) and my daughter's younger brother to attend the high school graduation of my nephew. From the left (in white) are his sister, dad, Jonathan and his mom (my sister). I'm peeking over her shoulder in back. Next to my sister is my niece (with her fiance peeking over her shoulder), sister-in-law and my brother.

My niece and her fiance are the reason I was gone this past weekend. They are husband and wife now! Friday I drove to north Alabama to pick up my son, his wife and my little grand daughter. We then headed south to Mobile to attend my niece's wedding. It was a lovely wedding and everyone had a good time. Anna and Jeff, we wish you a happy life together!

While in Mobile we got to drive around and explore a bit. I drove out to the USS Alabama so my daughter-in-law could see it. Unfortunately, it was already closed for the day and we didn't make it back on Sunday as we ended up at my brother's house visiting family. Sunday afternoon found us on the road again, heading north to Huntsville once more. After dropping my son and his family off at home I ended west to my mom's house for the night, with plans to be home by early afternoon. Ah...the best laid plans! I ended up going back to Huntsville when it was discovered my son's suitcase was still in the back of the truck. Seems I thought HE got it out and he thought I got it out! Oh well, more driving that was worth every mile as I got to play with my sweet grand daughter some more! I finally made it home around 9:30 Monday night.

Those hectic few days in between my Alabama trips is a tale for another day...tomorrow perhaps! As for now, I'm still resting!

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