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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm in a jam!

I'm not really in a jam...more like I'm in jam up to my elbows! Last time I was at the grocery store there were six cartons of strawberries marked down to $1 a carton...I bought them all! Above is the resulting jam. Strawberry is Don's favorite jam flavor, so I don't think this batch will last long. Some day I'll have a well established strawberry patch and will make as much as he can eat!

Don also helped me pick elderberries to make jelly. I plan to do those tomorrow. I'm about the only one who really likes elderberry jelly, so one batch is more than enough. If I liked wine (bleahhh) I'd try to make some elderberry wine, but I much prefer jelly.

In a couple weeks it will be time to go check the wild grape vine down in the edge of the woods. For the past two years it has been loaded and Don has promised we would harvest some for jelly. Every year he decides they are to high to reach (and refuses to let me sit in the tractor's front end loader while he raises it up high). This year I am DETERMINED to make some wild grape jelly. Think he'll let me stand up on a ladder in the back of the pick up truck?

I'm also hoping the kudzu blooms well this year so I can make some kudzu jelly. It is SO good and smells so delicious! I love going outside when the kudzu is blooming. The breeze smells like grape Kool-Aid. Yummy smelling and yummy eating!

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