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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just call me Dr. Dolittle...

I have a confession to make...I talk to animals all day long. I can tell if a cat is thirsty, hungry or wants to go out just by the sound of their meow. I can tell the difference between a dog's play bark and their "I'm serious, back off" bark.

I'm constantly saying "Be quiet", "Stop that", "Get down", "Drop that right now", "What's going on in here" and "Excuse me". Yes, I say "Excuse me" to the dogs and cats! I also say "Bless you" when a dog or cat sneezes.

One night (several years ago) during dinner I gave our dearly departed cat Ginger a tidbit from my plate and said, "Blow on it Ginger, it's hot". My sweet family burst into laughter and I am teased about it to this day.

I was grateful there was no one around to hear what I told Maggie this afternoon. We were taking our evening walk to the pond when she grabbed what looked like a very flat, very OLD mouse (a gift from a cat I'm sure). I immediately yelled at her, "Maggie! That's to roll on, not to eat!".

SIGH...just call me Dr. Dolittle.

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