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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can you hear it?

Can you hear my dogs? There's about 13 or so out in the front yard barking their heads off right now. Seamus, above, is listening with one ear cocked while trying to convince me he wasn't involved.

Psst...I'm not buying it!

If you can't hear the dogs barking that's probably because I'm blasting Guns 'n Roses to drown them out. I bet the neighbors think I'm having a party this weekend! Yeah...and the guests all have four legs and insist on howling at the moon!

I'm pretty sure there are a couple deer coming to the pond for a drink at night. They pay no attention to the dogs since they're behind a fence. For all I know the deer are standing on the other side of the fence sticking their tongues out at the dogs going, "Nah...nah...can't get us!" then flipping the dogs off with their white tails as they trot away.

Yeah, if I was a dog and a deer did that to me I'd probably bark too! As for the least I have better taste in music!

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