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Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Autumn! Glad you're here!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox...the first day of Fall! It's my favorite time of the year. I love the cooler temperatures, I love the smell of the air and the beautiful colors of the trees as their leaves change hue and eventually fall to the ground. I even love the cold dreary rainy days of Autumn...those are my favorite kind!

Autumn is a time for celebrating the year's harvest (which is why I chose this photo of my precious grandson that his Mommy made at a pumpkin patch last year). Unfortunately, due to the extremely dry summer, we don't have much of a harvest to celebrate. We did get the sweet potatoes dug, but they are pitifully small. The only things left in the garden to harvest are the rest of the carrots and possibly some butter beans.

We have lots of birthdays to celebrate in our family during the Autumn season, plus one of my favorite holidays - Halloween! There's Thanksgiving too, but it's not much of a holiday for me any more. Don and I decided since one of us needs to stay home with the animals he could go to visit his family on Thanksgiving while I stay home (then I visit my family at Christmas while he stays home). It might seem odd to some, but it works for us.

Today I hung one of my Autumn flags on the front porch and took a long walk into the woods just to soak in this glorious Fall day. For me, the only thing that spoils this time of year is being surrounded by gunfire and having to run trespassers off our property. Hunters who do not have permission (and no one ever does) to hunt on our property are not tolerated and fortunately the word has spread. We don't have even half the trouble now that we had when we first moved onto the farm.

Despite weekends that make me feel like I'm living in a war zone, I still relish this time of year. My only regret is that Autumn doesn't last longer. If it were up to me, we'd have three seasons...two months of Spring, eight months of Autumn and two months of Winter. Yes, I love it that much!

Happy Fall y'all!

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