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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Late summer Saturday in the South...

Today's been a typical late summer Saturday here in the South. The farmer was in the field next to ours harvesting corn and Don mowed grass before going in to work a later shift. We even had a quick shower late this afternoon with a faint rainbow (in photo above). Of course I had clothes on the line so they'll have to stay there until tomorrow.

The rain brought our mild 82 degree high for the day down to an even more pleasant 75 degrees. That was exactly what I'd hoped for so I threw open the front door and some windows. As dusk fell I was shutting windows and calling the dogs in before shutting the door. I was not happy about that at all, but someone up the road decided it was a nice evening to blare their rap crap and gangsta garbage at full volume. SIGH...if they'd been playing something I liked I could have left the windows and door open!

Even the dogs dislike the "music" and were howling and barking their heads off before I brought them inside. Obviously, it hurts their ears as much as it hurts mine!

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