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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane anyone?

First off, let me assure you I'm not doing a blog on the famous drink you can get on Bourbon Street. No, I'm talking about the famous storm that nearly wiped Bourbon Street off the map and also caused damage to our house (top photo is from six years ago, lower photo from last summer...can you spot the difference?).

It's hurricane season and with Tropical Storm Lee flooding the coast of Louisiana I've been thinking about hurricane season six years past. That's when the devastating Hurricane Katrina blew in and caused widespread disaster on the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. Less than a month later Hurricane Rita struck.

You'd think that living in the northwest corner of Mississippi we'd be to far away from the coast to worry about hurricane damage. However, those two storms were so strong we had major weather from both. Hurricane Katrina took out a piece of our gingerbread trim on the front porch above the front door. We weren't sure how we'd fix it, but Rita did that for us. She blew in and took off the other piece, exactly matching it to Katrina's damage. Six years later and we've never repaired it because it looks okay the way it is, thanks to Rita.

We were fortunate. So many down south of us were not so lucky and with Tropical Storm Lee moving in today that area is now dealing with major storms and flooding. We may get lucky again and get some rain out of this storm. We need it badly, although I wish we could have gotten it without all the devastation down south.

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