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Monday, September 26, 2011

Door greeters...

Last night I snapped this photo of our chubby little door greeter. Every night he sits patiently next to the front door. He's much more sedate than those door greeters at Wal Mart, but that's probably because he's stuffed with all the bugs that are attracted to the porch light!

Last year we had two door greeters, one on each side. I figure we only have the one this year because only one of the porch lights is working (and yes, he was sitting under the working one). Maybe tomorrow I will change the bulb and see if his buddy will show up!

While I was at the pond this afternoon I almost stepped on my door greeter's cousin! I'm sure glad I saw him, as he was quite a handsome and colorful fellow! Early in the summer I had to be very careful not to step on the hundreds of baby frogs at the pond. It's nice to see how much they've grown!

It's been an absolutely lovely day today. Thanks to last night's storm we had a cool day with a bright blue cloudless sky. I hope you enjoyed your Monday as well!


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