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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cantaloupe anyone?

We're drowning in cantaloupes! This year I planted a row of breakfast cantaloupes (small size when ripe) and they are producing more than we can eat. Well, I guess we could have cantaloupe for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but feel sure that approach would burn us out on cantaloupe eating very quickly.

So, I am asking for cantaloupe recipes! Anyone make cantaloupe pickles? Is there such a thing as cantaloupe casserole? BLECH...just the thought of that turns my stomach! I'm sure I've seen recipes for cantaloupe soup and cantaloupe ice cream. Hmmm...wonder if I could get Don to eat those?

If I can't find any good ways to use these up I will have to feed them to the ducks and chickens. Ducky, my old Pekin, loves cantaloupe. I think she could eat her weight in cantaloupe and she's chubby duck. The chickens like cantaloupe too so it wouldn't go to waste. We also have a dog, Drake, who loves cantaloupe!

If you have a great recipe using cantaloupe, or a favorite way to eat cantaloupe, please feel free to leave a comment and share with me. I'm desperate here! They're taking over the kitchen! HELP....

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  1. Try dehydrating them. They should do the same thing as watermelon and turn into something like taffy.