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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creatures of the night...

I love creatures of the night...the moths and bugs that crowd my porch light! Whenever I see an interesting one I have to snap it's photo and then learn all I can about it.

Above is a Walnut Sphinx Moth perched on a dog food bag. The larvae feed on walnut and hickory trees, both of which we have here on (or near) the farm. In my research I've read that they make a squeaking sound when disturbed. I guess I wasn't disturbing the one above when it sat on my hand because it never made a squeak!

A couple days ago Don came in with another Walnut Sphinx Moth he'd found in the garage. It was much larger than the one pictured, but was the same color. (They come in a variety of colors so it's easiest to identify them by the unique shape of their wings.) After we admired the moth's huge body, bulging black eyes and beautifully marked wings Don took it out and set it free.

I guess old habits never die. When my son was a small child he had a little green lizard. We would leave the porch light on and then catch moths to feed the lizard. Here it is 24 years later and I am still out on the front porch most nights looking at moths! I continue to be amazed at the variety, the color and the beauty of nature's night creatures.

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  1. I saw a beautiful Luna Moth today. I love admiring them as well. The kids are always asking me what this or that one is called. There is such a diversity of them here in the Bankhead Forrest.