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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rain, glorious rain!

It rained today! Not a glorious amount (actually, barely enough to tamp down the dust), but the storm that brought the drizzle was quite glorious with all the lightning and thunder. Gave the dogs quite a scare and I spent several hours this afternoon with dogs huddled around me. My pitiful beagle, Tadhg, shook like a leaf.

Things have quieted down now, inside and out. The dogs are snoozing and the thunder has given way to the happy sound of singing birds. Best of all the temperature dropped to 79 degrees which makes me want to sing too! Ah, it feels nice!

For the second time since we've lived here there was a double rainbow in the eastern sky. I can never get a good photo of it, but hopefully you can see both in the picture above. Superstition leads me to think a double rainbow must mean double the luck. If that's the case maybe it's going to rain twice as much tomorrow! However, according to this old poem, my double dose of luck may come in another form:

A rainbow in the Eastern sky,
The morrow will be fine and dry.
A rainbow in the West that gleams,
Rain tomorrow falls in streams.

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