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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In a pickle...

Recently I've found myself in a bit of a pickle or, to be more accurate, up to my elbows in pickles! For some unknown reason I planted an entire pack of cucumber seed around the scarecrow in my garden. Favorable weather conditions resulted in every single seed sprouting and every single cucumber vine to provide me with a bounty of cucumbers!

I'm not much of a cucumber eater and there's only so many cucumber slices marinated in Italian dressing that Don can eat for lunch. So, I've started making pickles. As you can see, I've canned eight pints of dill pickles and have two more pints in the fridge for snacking. Still, I have cucumbers coming out of my ears! So I'm going to put up some sweet pickles as well.

This will result in more pickles than we can eat, but perhaps I could give jars of pickles as Christmas gifts? I know one thing...Elvis and the chickens are not that fond of over sized cucumbers so I'll not put them on my Christmas pickle list!

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